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Trade-In and Trade-Up!

Want to save money and stay safe with the industry’s leading fall protection equipment? The 3M™ Fall Protection Trade-in, Trade-up Program can help!

All you have to do is trade-in your old and worn-out fall protection equipment and replace it with a qualifying 3M Fall Protection product. Then, you’ll be on your way to big savings and unbeatable safety.

Here's how it works:
  1. Trade-in your existing fall protection products
  2. Purchase qualifying 3M Fall Protection products
  3. Register at go.3M.com/FPtradein to receive a rebate on your new equipment
Converting to 3M Fall Protection is simple – choose from over 170 of their most popular products to replace your existing equipment. What’s in it for you? You’ll earn rebates on each piece of qualifying, high-quality 3M equipment you order. It pays to use great safety equipment.
Four ways to save:
  1. Trade-in your competitive fall protection equipment and purchase a comparable qualifying 3M Fall Protection product(s) and receive a cash rebate.
  2. Trade-in any brand of lanyard and purchase qualifying 3M Fall Protection Personal SRLs and receive a cash rebate.
  3. Trade-in any brand of lanyard with non-3600lb gated hooks and purchase qualifying 3M Fall Protection Personal SRLs or lanyards and receive a cash rebate.
  4. Trade-in any brand of harness and purchase a qualifying a 3MTM DBI-SALA® ExoFitTM STRATATM Harness, 3MTM DBI-SALA® ExoFitTM NEXTM Harness, or 3MTM DBI-SALA® DeltaTM Harness and receive a cash rebate.

Are you ready to start using better equipment and save money at the same time? Identify your fall protection gear that’s old and worn-out, and choose your new qualifying 3M Fall Protection products. Next up, order your new 3M gear with a 3M authorized distributor. Then, visit go.3M.com/FPtradein to register your new equipment and get your rebate.

Shop the 3M Fall Protection products that qualify for the rebate, and start improving your fall protection program today!